Readers’ Advisory: OPAC

One of the services we provide our patrons as a library is readers’ advisory, which is just a fancy way of saying we help people find new books to read. (And just personally speaking as the person responsible for readers’ advisory, it is one of my favorite things to do at work!) We have worked to provide a number of readers’ advisory resources on this blog and at the library, but you might not be aware of a newish tool we have that will let you help yourself.

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Looking for Something New To Read? We’re Here to Help!

One of the basic goals for this blog has always been to deliver reading (and viewing) recommendations to our patrons and readers. This pandemic may have slowed some things down, but it sped up our progress towards this goal. We’ve just added a new feature that will hopefully help provide even more help, any time of day or night!

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You Like Westerns, We Like Westerns–Want to Watch More Westerns?

Our library patrons in Berryville really like Westerns. It’s one the most popular book genres we circulate, and of course, our Western movies also are checked out regularly.

And for any of you regular readers, you know I like Westerns, too.

But even when you love something, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to being stuck in a rut. We now have a solution to that for our Western-movie-loving patrons.

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