Old Favorites: Raymond Chandler

We’re focusing on newer books, movies, and television shows for 2019, but that doesn’t mean we’re entirely ignoring old favorites! After all, what’s that saying–what’s old may just become new again (or something like that)?

Next week marks the 131st birthday of noted hardboiled writer Raymond Chandler. You may or may not recognize Chandler’s name, depending on your familiarity with the genre, but you’re sure to have heard of his most famous creation–private eye Philip Marlowe.

And what better way to celebrate Chandler’s birthday–or just get in touch with some great classic detective fiction–than to revisit his work and adaptations of it?

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Book Buzz: Literary Noir, (Allegedly) Fraudulent Ghosts, and Crooked Saints

Happy New Year! We’re ringing in 2018 with a new feature — “Book Buzz.” We’ll be regularly profiling recent releases that have been getting attention or deserve to be getting more attention. This week, we’re looking at a unique historical novel, a nonfiction tale of fraud and (maybe) ghosts, and a young adult fantasy.

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