Exploring Villains and Monsters in Literature

Villains and Monsters

I enjoyed all the episodes of The Great American Read, but my favorite, hands down, was the discussion of villains and monsters, which airs next Tuesday, October 2.

I know people have found my love for literary villains a bit . . . creepy. But it’s really not! I swear! At the very least, like any good villain, I have well-developed reasons for it. 🙂

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Villains and Monsters voting bracket

Villains and Monsters

Voting for the Great Berryville Read continues this week with a new category!

Welcome to Bracket #3 – Great Berryville Read Villains and Monsters Edition. Next week on Tuesday, October 2nd, the Great American Read episode about the bad guys (and gals) of literature will air.

This episode is all about the villains, monsters, and bogeymen of the book world. We’ve assembled a bracket that requires you, gentle reader, to pick your favorites and decide which of these 16 books should advance to the next round of the Great Berryville Read voting.

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