Libby Library App How-To, Part Deux

libby app

Last week, I covered the basics of signing up for Libby, which is the app you can use to access our library’s digital collection of e-books and audiobooks. This week, we’ll be looking at the basics of using Libby, including how to search for items, borrow them, put them on hold, return them, and even cast them to your Kindle app.

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Libby Library App How-To

libby app

If you already use Libby to access our library’s digital collection of e-books and audiobooks, you know it’s a great way to access materials. I’m personally not a reader of e-books or a listener of audiobooks, but I decided to play around on Libby recently to familiarize myself with it. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use. If you’re a fellow holdout–or you need a refresher course–here’s a how-to tutorial for this user-friendly app.

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Old Favorites: E-Books and Audiobooks


Usually on the third Tuesday of every month, I write an Old Favorites post, celebrating favorite classic authors of mine. In the course of researching what to write for November, I learned that today marks the 12th anniversary of the release of the first Kindle. How time flies!

As e-books have become more popular, many commentators have speculated they will be the cause of the demise of public libraries. However, as I noted last year in a rebuttal to one of these commentators, libraries have been adapting to and embracing new technology for their entire history, and e-books are no exception. . . .

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