Movie Review: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (2022)

After Everything, Everywhere, All At Once swept this year’s Oscars, we saw an increased amount of circulation for it, and well, I was curious to see what all the buzz was about.

Evelyn Wang has a lot on her plate. She’s being audited for her laundromat business; she’s trying to throw together a party for her often difficult father, who’s visiting from China; she has a tense relationship with her own very American daughter, Joy; and her husband Wayman painted the wrong shade of white on the ceiling of the laundromat.

It’s a mundane life, and one that Evelyn doesn’t get a lot of joy from. But she soon learns that she lives in a multiverse of parallel universes and not all of the Evelyns, Waymans, and Joys live such an ordinary life. Complications ensue. . . .

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Movie Review: Dune, Part One (2021)

In the year 10191, the planet Arrakis is a harsh desert land, but it is rich in “spice” (maybe we can interest them in our spice club), so it has been a lucrative resource for the brutal Harkonnen, who exploit the locals and the land. When the emperor revokes Harkonnen rights to Arrakis and gives them instead to the duke of House Atreides (Oscar Isaac), an inevitable collision course is set, and complications ensue, including the fact that the duke’s gifted son Paul (Timothée Chalamet) may be the long-awaited messiah the people of Arrakis have been promised.

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Movie Review: Superman: Red Son (2020)

Red Son

We’re living in a pretty crazy world right now, so maybe this alternative history story, in which that most American of superheroes, Superman, was raised in the Soviet Union and is a communist hero squaring off against the United States, doesn’t seem as quite as out there as it normally would. . . .

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Predator (1987)


Usually, I try to focus on newer movies and TV shows for my reviews, but while I was researching potential things to write about, I came across last year’s The Predator, a remake of the classic 1980s action/sci fi film Predator.

Now, if I were a fair-minded person, which I often claim to be, I would have given The Predator a chance.

However, I’m not really that fair-minded. Ever since I heard they were working on this remake, I just couldn’t get over the fact that there was no reason to remake the movie. I’d have been much happier if they’d just re-released the original in theater.

Because if you’re looking for a veneer of outrageous, over-the-top 80s action overlaying a far more complex science fiction tale, then you can’t do better than Predator.

So, for that reason, this week I’m reviewing the original (and best) Predator.

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From Page to Screen: The Martian


As a general rule, space travel has never interested me. It’s nothing personal against outer space–even as a kid, it never captivated me. I was always more interested in history and foreign countries than the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Likewise, science fiction that is about outer space is rarely something I read. I prefer my science fiction dystopian.

Nevertheless, I have been curious about the popularity of both the book and film versions of The Martian and decided, in the name of broadening my horizons (aka doing my part to build a better world), to give them both a try.

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