We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends (Of the Berryville Library)

If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time or are a resident of Carroll County, you likely know about our quest to raise money for a new library building. Whenever people ask us what they can do to help, donating to our Berryville Library Building Project fund probably comes to mind first. And, of course, that’s a fantastic way to help. But if you really want to help, we ask that you also join the Friends of the Berryville Library.

This week is National Friends of Libraries Week. Friends groups are indispensable allies for libraries everywhere, but our Friends group is particularly important to us because it has been one of the driving forces in helping us reach our goal of building a new library.

We’ve made a lot of fantastic progress in the eighteen months since we launched this campaign. We’ve raised over $1.3 million since April 2021, over half of our goal. This is an unprecedented amount of private fundraising for our area, and we couldn’t be happier with how much support we have received. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us come this far!

But we still need to raise another $1.2 million to achieve our goal of breaking ground by or before 2025. We’ve been soliciting large and small donations from local businesses, families, and individuals, and we are now ready to begin approaching foundations for grants.

You may be wondering how being a member of the Friends is connected with the grants, but having a strong, vibrant, robust Friends membership is a wonderful metric for us to show community support for our project, which is key for receiving grants.

But we don’t just need Friends members for that–we need active members to help the Friends achieve everything they do for the library. Their fundraising isn’t just limited to the new library facility.

They also provide our library with much-needed money for programs and equipment that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The Friends are why we are able to continue offering mobile hotspots for checkout. They’re also why we have a special kids’ computer and comfortable chairs and a Cricut machine. The Friends also provide additional money to support our fun summer reading program.

But the Friends can’t do all of this without active volunteers who serve on the board, work events, run their social media and manage publicity, and more.

Please join the Friends–you can do so online or at the library. Right now, they’re offering a special deal through the end of the year wherein you can join for the first time and be a member for both the rest of 2022 and all of 2023. It’s also a great time to renew if you’re already a member.

While you’re at it, also consider following them on Facebook and Instagram and volunteering.

If you’re curious to learn more, please join us for our annual Friends retreat this coming Saturday, October 22, from 8:30 am to 12 pm at Carroll Electric’s Community Room Room in Berryville. We’ll also have a table out in the library lobby from today through Friday with more information on the Friends. It is true now more than ever that our library could not get by without help from our Friends!

Have you joined the Friends? Interested in being more involved with the Friends? Interested in attending our retreat? Tell us in the comments!


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