Books, Spice, and Everything Nice: Nutmeg

For 2022, the Berryville Library is hosting its own Books, Spice, and Everything Nice spice club. Stop by the library to get the spice of the month and then stop by the blog on the first Tuesday of the month for recipes and more information on the featured spice. We’ll also be adding monthly posts about cookbooks in our collection. For July, our spice is nutmeg!

Nutmeg is used globally in a wide range of cuisines, but we’re especially focusing on its role in French cuisine. That’s because French cooking relies far more on herbs than spices, so nutmeg is one of the exceptions to that. And what better month to highlight French cooking than July when Bastille Day is celebrated?!

Want a spicy chicken dish for this summer? Try the spicy Grenadian nutmeg chicken! (The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters of nutmeg.)

Looking for a quality recipe for bechamel sauce (white sauce)? You can’t go wrong with Jacques Pepin’s recipe.

In need of a use for all the spinach in your garden? Check out the creamed spinach recipe.

Is zucchini more popular in your garden than squash? Try the zucchini banana bread.

On the hunt for a new dessert recipe that looks impressive but is pretty easy to make? Julia Child has you covered with her pear clafoutis.

Want to up your French toast game? The luxurious nutmeg-coated creamy French toast is at your service.

Prefer to wing it? Just follow your heart–and the flavor profile suggestions–on recommended uses and pairings.

Not a cook? You might still learn something (and be amused) with the history and trivia about the spice.

Please be sure to update us about how you used nutmeg in July. You can tell us in the comments here on the blog, share them with us on Facebook or Instagram with the #bplspice hashtag, or stop by the library.

Still looking for some ways to use nutmeg in your kitchen? Even though I ultimately didn’t include them in the handout, I was also intrigued by French Roast Pork, Easy Spiced Peach Cobbler, Pain D’épices (French spiced bread–the link offers 2 traditional recipes and Julia Child’s modification), Eugenie Brazier’s Macaroni and Cheese recipe (Brazier is often billed the mother of modern French cooking), Quiche Lorraine, and Jacques Pepin’s Cauliflower Gratin (which also uses his bechamel sauce). Some of these might be best saved for cooler weather. 🙂

Recipes in handout lightly adapted from originals in, KQED, Once Upon A Chef, the Kitchen Magpie, Chew Out Loud, and Epicurious.

Download PDF here.

What’s your favorite recipe that uses nutmeg? Which recipe are you most excited to try? What spices do you use the most in your cooking? Tell us in the comments!


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