What a Wonderful World: November

This year, our theme at the library is What A Wonderful World. We’re focusing on a different color for each month, and November’s is peaceful periwinkle. To that end, we’re highlighting books at the library with that color (or something close to it) on the cover!

If you enjoy historical fiction:

The Spoilt Quilt and Other Frontier Stories: Pioneering Women of the West (2019)

This collection of short stories about the women of the American West features stories from a wide range of authors, including Sandra Dallas. The stories also cover a nice cross-section of subgenres, everything from a murder mystery to character-driven coming-of-age stories to more conventional Western action tales.

Recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction about the American West and/or Westerns from a woman’s perspective.

If you love literary fiction:

Louise Erdrich’s Shadow Tag (2010)

I read this book about a decade ago and remember liking it, but I honestly don’t remember much of the plot details. Take that endorsement for what it is. I’ve been a big fan of Erdrich’s work for a long time, and this book is her doing what she does best–character-driven fiction about contemporary Native American life. Inspired by the breakdown of Erdrich’s own marriage, the novel chronicles the devastating unraveling of artist Gil and art historian Irene’s relationship.

Recommended for those who enjoy the work of Annie Dillard, Toni Morrison, Isabel Allende, and Sherman Alexie.

If you need informative nonfiction:

Sarah Remmer and Cara Rosenbloom’s Food to Grow On: The Ultimate Guide to Childhood Nutrition–From Pregnancy to Packed Lunches (2021)

I usually focus on more narrative-driven nonfiction here on the blog, but we have a wealth of informative resources on a wide variety of topics, which we strive to keep up-to-date. One of our latest additions is this book, authored by two registered dieticians. It covers everything you need to know about early child nutrition, from pregnancy to age 6, all in an accessible, easy-to-understand format.

Recommended for anyone interested in resources on child development and nutrition.

If you enjoy romance:

Lauren Layne’s To Sir, with Love (2021)

The You’ve Got Mail of the 21st century, To Sir, with Love follows rival business owners Gracie and Sebastian, who fiercely spar over, well, everything professional while unwittingly connecting on a blind dating app. Complications of the cute and adorable variety ensue.

Recommended for those who enjoy the work of Lauren Ho.

If you want an audiobook:

Sally Rooney’s Beautiful World, Where Are You (2021)*

Irish writer Sally Rooney has made a career out of delving into the complex relationships of small friend groups. In her most recent book, the characters in question are Alice, Eileen, Felix, and Simon. Alice and Eileen are former college roommates and long-time frenemies/current pen pals. Eileen’s in love with her childhood friend Simon, and Alice is excited about her romantic potential with new acquaintance Felix. Sounds straightforward, but navigating the realities of the real world, friendship, and relationships are never quite that easy.

Recommended for those who enjoy the work of Zadie Smith, Jojo Moyes, Curtis Sittenfeld, and Jeffrey Eugenides.

*Audiobook also available on Libby.

What books with periwinkle blue covers are you reading? What are you reading in November? Tell us in the comments! As always, please follow this link to our online library catalog for more information on any of these items or to place them on hold.

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