September Treasure Hunt Challenge Answers

The treasure chest at the heart of our adventure. Our fearless treasure seekers explored the blog, for the sake of a congratulatory button and Hershey nuggets. Hey, we said there was gold in this here blog! We just didn’t specify what kind. 🙂

Did you seek the treasure during our September Treasure Hunt? Curious what the answers are? Read ahead!

If you completed the clues correctly, you should have ended up with:

  1. From Page to Screen: The Lost City of Z
  2. Dawson City: Frozen Time
  3. From Page to Screen: The Man Who Would Be King
  4. TV Review: Stoney Burke (1962)
  5. What a Wonderful World: July,” specifically because of its mention of Lisa See’s On Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of My Chinese-American Family
  6. Book Buzz: Digital Romances, Post-WWII Thrillers, and Treasure Hunts,” specifically because of its mention of D’Arcy O’Connor’s The Secret Treasure of Oak Island
  7. Old Favorites: Jack London
  8. Book Buzz: Inspiring Historical Fiction, Magical Realism Westerns, Arkansas Gangsters, and More,” specifically because of its mention of C Pam Zhang’s How Much of These Hills is Gold (2020)
  9. How to Lose Your Mind Watching Cats, a Step-By-Step Guide

Essentially, the unifying theme behind all the clues (save one) was the idea of adventure, treasure, and/or gold.

Percy in The Lost City of Z sets off on an increasingly unhinged quest for adventure in South America, and I must confess when I first read about the bonkers Fenn treasure hunt that inspired our blog treasure hunt, my first thought was “It’s a real-life Lost City of Z!”

Peachy and Danny in The Man Who Would Be King are also adventurers, as well as treasure seekers. A mystery treasure is at the heart of Oak Island, too, which has also sparked the imagination of adventurers and treasure hunters. Fortunately, so far with much less mayhem than Fenn’s did.

Movies and books related in some way to gold rushes, however, rounded out the bulk of the clues. Dawson City is a later gold rush town; Lisa See’s family history incorporates Chinese-American history about the California gold rush, as does C Pam Zhang’s novel. Jack London’s famous writing career started with him trying and failing to seek his fortune in the Klondike gold rushes.

Rodeo cowboy Stoney Burke is also on the hunt for gold (namely, the championship gold buckle for saddle broncs), but he maintains a better sense of ethics and morals than the lovable but highly amoral Peachy and Danny.

The only odd man out is Cats. To be perfectly honest, there were other answers that actually related to gold that I did consider using for my ninth clue, but I just couldn’t resist throwing in Cats. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m really not! I’ve still not quite recovered from watching Cats nearly a year ago, and I can’t resist dragging everyone back in with me every chance I get.

In any event, here’s the poem in all its glory again, with the clues cross-referenced with the hyperlinked answers.

Inspired by Fenn's treasure hunt,
The library delivers this poem.
It’s no publicity stunt—
Just a quest to enjoy from home!
Use the clues as you navigate
Our blog and peruse the archives.
The post titles you must locate.
There are a total of nine.
You will start with two great cities.
Try to find the one that is lost
The other silent, frozen, pretty
The Amazon and Canada crossed.
Keep in mind on your journey, 
Don’t be like Connery and Caine.
If you need a model, let it be
A rodeo cowboy, not vain.
You will see a mountain of gold, 
A rich family history,
And though its secrets can’t be told,
A pirate treasure mystery.
An intrepid author you must find, 
North to the Klondike! Tigers prowl 
In these hills where the gold shines,
In the distance, a jellicle meow.

I hope you enjoyed our low-stakes treasure hunt as much as we enjoyed creating it! 🙂

How well did you do on the treasure hunt? Which clue was your favorite? What’s your favorite treasure hunting experience? Tell us in the comments!

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