Penelope’s Poetry Parlor: February

Our theme for the library this year is What a Wonderful World, and to that end, we’re focusing on seeing the wonder in our world. Usually, every month at the desk, we have an article available for patrons to read and discuss with Julie, our library director, but this year, we’re handing out poems instead. Our trusty library goose is also helping us pen a monthly column that focuses on some of the gems in our poetry collection.

For February, our poem is Emily Dickinson’s “The Moon Was But A Chin of Gold.”

Emily Dickinson is hardly an obscure poet. However, I do think the vast majority of her work (beyond a handful of oft-quoted favorites) is obscure to the average reader. If you think you know Dickinson because you read “Because I could not stop for Death” in high school, think again.

Dickinson had a keen eye, a sharp wit, and a delightfully off-kilter style. One doesn’t have to have delved very deeply into her work to note her unique approach to punctuation and capitalization, which was especially unusual in the 19th century, as well as her offbeat approach to meter and rhyme.

We have a complete collection of Dickinson’s work at the Berryville Library, and they’re well worth reading (or rereading)!

Who is your favorite poet? What’s your favorite poem? Do you ever write poetry? Tell us in the comments! As always, please follow this link to our online library catalog for more information on this item or to place it on hold.

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