Penelope’s Poetry Parlor: February

Our theme for the library this year is What a Wonderful World, and to that end, we’re focusing on seeing the wonder in our world. Usually, every month at the desk, we have an article available for patrons to read and discuss with Julie, our library director, but this year, we’re handing out poems instead. Our trusty library goose is also helping us pen a monthly column that focuses on some of the gems in our poetry collection.

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Book Buzz: Pulp Fiction, Globe Trekkers, Spies, and Wagon Trains

Every month, we’re profiling new-ish releases that are getting critical and commercial buzz. For February, we’re looking at a new short story collection from a classic author, a lighthearted romantic romp around the world, a tale of WWII-era espionage, and historical fiction set on a wagon train.

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Melanie Benjamin’s The Children’s Blizzard

One of the most infamous blizzards in American history occurred in January 1888 on the Northern Plains. Part of what made it so infamous was just how unusual it was from a meteorological perspective. The blizzard struck without warning in the middle of an unusually warm day. The unseasonable weather had lured many outside after weeks of cold temperatures and bad weather.

Unfortunately, the timing also meant the blizzard occurred just as children were being released from their one-room schoolhouses, leaving schoolteachers (many of whom were teenagers barely much older than their students) to make an impossible decision. Shelter in place with their students in a flimsy building with inadequate fuel or send their students on their way home in the hopes they could beat the storm’s advance.

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What a Wonderful World: February

This year, our theme at the library is What A Wonderful World. We’re focusing on a different color for each month, and February’s is gold dust. To that end, we’re highlighting books at the library with that color (or something close to it ) on the cover!

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