Guest Blogger: Penelope the Goose, Part 2

Our year-long Your Library Card, Your Ticket to the World program has been a fun way to highlight different places across the globe. I’ve been writing posts that highlight books in these settings, but our faithful, fashionable, and intrepid library goose Penelope has actually been seeing the sights herself. (If you’ve been to the library, you’ve no doubt admired Penelope and her elegant wardrobe as she guards the circulation desk.) She’s back home in Arkansas now, and she posted regular updates on our Facebook page along the way, but she also wanted to share an update here since she’d blogged earlier this year. And who am I to say no to our favorite goose?

[Note: There is some vigorous debate among the library staff about whether or not our dear Penelope is a goose or a duck, and she is kind of evasive on the topic herself. . . .]

As you can see, Penelope picked up some friends as traveling companions along the way. . . .

July: I was so excited to travel to New Zealand after I left London. I’m a big Lord of the Rings fans–who says geese can’t watch movies?–and was so excited to see where they filmed the movies. Unfortunately, I spent my entire month in quarantine at the airport, but I had fun exploring those sites, such as they were, with my friends. One day I will go back and see something beyond the airport!

August: I love the Alexander McCall Smith No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books–who says geese can’t read books?– so I was really looking forward to Botswana. Arkansas Augusts can be pretty brutal, but the weather in Botswana that time of year is gorgeous and pleasant.

September: So much to see and do in Italy! I made sure to visit the Milan runways to see some of the latest fashions, tour ancient Roman sites, admire Renaissance paintings and cathedrals, and eat my weight in pasta.

October: Usually having a month to visit one country is plenty of time to do lots of exploring, but Brazil is so vast that I had to plan my time wisely. I made sure to carve out time to visit the rainforest and meet other birds. We birds have to stick together!

November: Mexico’s a big country, too, so I had to plan my month-long trip there carefully, as well. After speaking Portuguese for a month in Brazil, I sometimes got a little confused about switching to Spanish for Mexico. Had lots of fun visiting Aztec sites, as well as bustling Mexico City. And I made sure to soak up the sunshine at the Acapulco beaches before returning to winter in the Ozarks. 🙂

December: I had a blast traveling around the world, meeting new friends, and making lots of wonderful memories. But I am also happy to be home and catching up with all my old friends in Berryville. After all my adventures, I think I’m going to curl up and watch some Christmas movies to help raise money for the library. Hopefully, in a few years, we can build a bigger library that can better accommodate my quarters and wardrobe. 🙂

What’s your favorite place that Penelope visited? Which of her outfits is your favorite? Do you think she’s a duck or a goose? Tell us in the comments!

P.S. The library is closed for the next two days as we do some staff training for a new computer system. We can’t wait to see you again on December 10 when we reopen.

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