Book Buzz: Bee Blankets, Arkansas Mysteries, and Shirley Jackson

Every month, we’re profiling new-ish releases that are getting critical and commercial buzz. For July, we’re looking at a haunting work of historical fiction about the Mexican Revolution, some snappy but gritty mysteries from an Arkansas writer, and a biography of an offbeat classic horror writer.

Sofia Segovia’s The Murmur of Bees (2019)

The Murmer of Bees

Set during the Mexican Revolution, this novel is the story of Simonopio. He was born covered in bees, which sort of freaks out the locals, though he is taken in and raised by a sympathetic couple. However, the bees aren’t even the most unique thing about him. He also sees visions of the future. Translated from Spanish, The Murmur of Bees is generating a lot of, well, buzz for author Sofia Segovia.

Recommended for those who enjoy the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Matt Coleman’s mysteries (2016-present)

Over the past few years, South Arkansas native Matt Coleman has written several darkly funny mysteries, all set in his hometown of Texarkana. Whether the focus is a young English teacher out of his depth when a child disappears (Juggling Kittens) or a snarky divorcee caught in Junior League malfeasance (A Rocky Divorce), Coleman’s books feature a winning combination of great characters, suspenseful plotting, and Southern Gothic atmosphere.

Recommended for those who like quirky mysteries with a bite.

Ruth Franklin’s Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life (2016)

Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson’s work has been having something of a renaissance lately, with recent adaptations of her work and a biopic coming to the big and small screens. Ruth Franklin’s well-researched biography meticulously chronicles Jackson’s frequently unhappy life while also making a compelling argument that Jackson’s eerie work–which has frequently been dismissed as just good genre fiction–deserves a spot within the Western literary canon.

Recommended for those who enjoy a good biography about literary figures.

What’s your favorite new-ish books? What books are you buzzing about these days? Have you read any of these books? Tell us in the comments! As always, please follow this link to our online library catalog for more information about any of these items.

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