Guest Blogger: Penelope the Goose

Our year-long Your Library Card, Your Ticket to the World program has been a fun way to highlight different places across the globe. I’ve been writing posts that highlight books in these settings, but our faithful, fashionable, and intrepid library goose Penelope has actually been seeing the sights herself. (If you’ve been to the library, you’ve no doubt admired Penelope and her elegant wardrobe as she guards the circulation desk.) She’s been posting regular updates on our Facebook page, but she also wanted to share a quick blog post. And who am I to say no to our favorite goose?

[Note: There is some vigorous debate among the library staff about whether or not our dear Penelope is a goose or a duck, and she is kind of evasive on the topic herself. . . .]


January: As a goose, I felt a little weird going north in the dead of winter. But I came, I saw, and I conquered Alaska. At least the best that a goose can conquer anything. I spent most of my time bundled up in a down parka. (I tried not to think too much about the “down” part of that sentence.) But the scenery was amazing! I loved visiting the remote mountains and tundra.

February: Going from the cold of an Alaskan winter to the heat and humidity of the Marshall Islands was a little jarring for me. But it was nice to not have to be bundled up. In fact, they say this time of year is one of the best for visiting, and I agree! The ocean and the atolls are beautiful! I tried to use some Marshallese phrases I picked up at a class in Berryville, but I don’t think anyone understood my goose accent.

March: Japan is a fascinating country, and one I enjoyed visiting very much. I spent a lot of time in Tokyo, which was quite a change of pace for a goose from Berryville! It’s the biggest city I’ve ever been in, but I enjoyed the bustle. Japan was a little colder than I was expecting–especially after coming from the Marshall Islands–but it was nowhere near as cold as Alaska in January. I especially enjoyed getting to try authentic sushi.

April: Tokyo is the biggest city I’ve ever visited, but Russia is the biggest country any of us will ever visit! I loved taking the Trans-Siberian Railway and seeing the wilds of Siberia, the steep Ural Mountains, and then the steppes of Russia. Moscow and St. Petersburg has some of the most unique architecture I’ve ever seen.

May: One of my favorite parts about visiting India was how many different cultures are there. So much to see and do! I saw the Taj Mahal and the Ganges River and everything from the ocean to mountains to jungles to deserts. I love clothes (as anyone who has seen my suitcase knows), and I really enjoyed buying saris in India. It took some work to find ones that fit a goose, though. . . .

June: I’ve mainly been spending a month in an entire country (or state for Alaska), but I am spending this entire month in the English city of London. At first, I thought it would be easier to sight-see here since I’d be speaking English instead of flailing through my phrasebooks in another language, but I learned pretty quickly a lot of American slang doesn’t translate into British English and vice versa. Still, I’ve had a lot of fun tramping through the city. I’ve seen the Tower of London, the London Bridge, Big Ben, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. I seemed to fluster the guards at the palace. It was like they’d never seen a goose tourist before.

I’ll try to post another update at the end of the year. I still have a lot of countries to visit, but in the meantime, you can follow my adventures in real time on Facebook! I post cool facts about the places I visit and some fun pictures of the friends I’ve made. Like these gems:

91362610_3365758493440464_7883054688147341312_o95127051_3433243816691931_2819776682729144320_o (1).jpg full pic103123148_3545246572158321_4183110203807919018_o

Where do you think Penelope is headed next? Which of Penelope’s outfits are your favorite? Do you think Penelope is a duck or a goose? Tell us in the comments!

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