Book Buzz: The Overland Trail, Royal Rebels, and Mr. Rogers

Every month, we’re profiling new-ish releases that are getting critical and commercial buzz. For February, we’re looking at a 19th century tale of adventure on the road out West, a fictional look at one of the more infamous members of the British Royal Family, and a biography of a beloved TV star.

Sandra Dallas’s Westering Women (2020)*

Westering Women

When Maggie sees an advertisement in early 1850s Chicago, asking for virtuous, sturdy, adventurous young women to come to the California gold mines to be brides for miners, it seems like a perfect opportunity to escape her own troubled past. However, she and the other brides-to-be soon realize that the long journey West will be an even more dangerous, arduous endeavor than they ever anticipated. Along the way, powerful friendships are forged as Maggie realizes she’s not the only one fleeing dark secrets.

*Ebook and audiobook also available on Libby.

Recommended for those who enjoy the work of Fannie Flagg, Molly Gloss, and Kate Alcott.

Georgie Blalock’s The Other Windsor Girl (2019)**

The Other Windsor Girl

If you’ve watched The Crown, you know that Queen Elizabeth’s sister, the Princess Margaret, marched to the beat of her own drum, to put it mildly. This novel about Princess Margaret’s life views her from the perspective of a fictional lady-in-waiting and focuses on Margaret’s scandalous postwar romance with the dashing Captain Peter Townsend. Margaret’s sharp wit and rebellious charm are viewed by many as the perfect antidote to the dour reality of life in Britain after World War II, but to many, it’s also a direct affront to her duties as a member of a royal family. Complications ensue.

**Ebook also available on Libby.

Recommended for those who enjoy biographical and historical fiction about royalty.

Gavin Edwards’s Kindness and Wonder (2019)***

Kindness and Wonder

An affectionate tribute to Fred Rogers, better known to the world as Mr. Rogers, this biography includes information on Rogers’s life while also emphasizing the lessons his show taught viewers about kindness, curiosity, and compassion. Since the book focuses just as much on Rogers’s legacy as it does his life, Kindness and Wonder also includes numerous interviews with those inspired by Rogers, ranging from actors to athletes.

***Ebook and audiobook also available on Libby.

Recommended for anyone looking for a heartwarming read.

What’s your favorite new-ish books? What books are you buzzing about these days? Have you read any of these books? Tell us in the comments! As always, please follow this link to our online library catalog for more information about any of these items.

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