Old Favorites: E-Books and Audiobooks


Usually on the third Tuesday of every month, I write an Old Favorites post, celebrating favorite classic authors of mine. In the course of researching what to write for November, I learned that today marks the 12th anniversary of the release of the first Kindle. How time flies!

As e-books have become more popular, many commentators have speculated they will be the cause of the demise of public libraries. However, as I noted last year in a rebuttal to one of these commentators, libraries have been adapting to and embracing new technology for their entire history, and e-books are no exception. . . .

Through Library2Go and the OverDrive app Libby, we provide access to thousands of e-books, free of charge. We can even help patrons get their particular e-reader (whether it is a Kindle, an Amazon Fire, an I-pad, or something else) connected to the service.

For patrons who prefer to listen to books, we also provide audiobooks–both electronic ones through Library2Go and Libby and physical CD or MP3 ones you can check out of the library.

Deb recently asked me to write more about audiobooks on the blog. Since I myself don’t listen to audiobooks, I picked the brain of my coworker Jen, an avid audiobook listener. And her immediate response was “SUSAN ERICKSEN!” 🙂

Ericksen is an audiobook narrator who is also a trained actress. Jen has told me several times how much she enjoys Ericksen’s dynamic performances and that they elevate any audiobook she narrates. Ericksen is perhaps best known for her work on the J.D. Robb audiobooks, though she’s also narrated audiobooks for J.D. Robb’s alter-ego Nora Roberts and other authors, ranging from Kristin Hannah to Karen Robards to Danielle Steel to Lisa Jackson and more. It doesn’t hurt that she has a local connection – her parents live in Berryville. But Jen insists she’s loved Ericksen’s work long before she moved here. Ericksen is that good!

But don’t take our word for this, listen to one of Susan’s narrations for yourself.  We have plenty in the system; just search our catalog for Susan Ericksen’s name or ask the library staff to assist you with finding one. (And for those of you who listen to e-audiobooks using Library2Go or Libby, don’t forget to check for her there too!)

Do you use e-books or listen to audiobooks? What are your audiobook recommendations? What’s your favorite e-reader? Do you have a favorite narrator? Tell us in the comments! 


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