Want to Help The Library? Become a Friend!


As we’re in the early planning stages of building a new library facility (and raising the money to pay for it), it’s been so energizing to see how many people in our community are excited and want to help. That’s what they ask–how can I help?

And the short answer right now is please join the Friends of the Berryville Public Library.

I’ve written about the Friends on here before, but I wanted to talk about this wonderful group and the work they do again as we kick off our Friendsraiser for the month of October.

Since the Friends of the Berryville Library was re-instituted in May 2017, after years of dormancy, we currently have over 100 sponsors (what we call our members who pay annual dues) and have raised over $35,000 from a combination of bake sales, fundraising dinners, and raffles. We also have approximately 15 sponsors who are active volunteers.

During that time, we’ve helped the library pay for equipment and programming they would not have otherwise been able to afford, and we have provided volunteers who have helped beautify the library’s current facility.

We’ve also been very active in advocating for and leading the drive for a new library facility. In fact, last year the Friends helped pay for the initial feasibility studies that kicked off this campaign for a new library.

As a former officer of the Friends who currently serves as their social media coordinator and their representative on a fundraising steering committee, I am very proud of the work the Friends has achieved in approximately 2.5 years.

But we need more Friends–and the Berryville Library needs more Friends, too!

Becoming a sponsor of the Friends of the Berryville Public Library is easy. You can pick up an application at the library–and sponsorships start at only $10 a year per person. Those annual dues help us a lot. One-time donations also help us a lot.

Joining the Friends is more than just about the money–the more Friends we have, the more it shows potential foundations and investors that there is widespread local support for a new library facility. That is crucial if we’re going to raise the money we need for a new library.

And the more Friends we have, the more volunteers we have to help us with our fundraisers and our advocacy work.

We need more Friends, so if you’re not already a Friend of the Berryville Library, please join during October.

We’ll have volunteers in the lobby on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the week of October 7-11 to sign people up, but you can also pick up an application any time.

You can also attend our next monthly meeting (the first Thursday of every month) on Thursday, October 3, at 6 pm at the library.

And you can find us on Facebook–please join our FB group to stay up-to-date on all the latest news from the Friends.

We appreciate your support!

(And if you’re one of our non-local readers, please ask at your own local library if they have a Friends group. Chances are, they do and could use your help! 🙂 )

Are you a Friend of the Library? Are you interested in becoming one? Have questions about the Friends and the work they do? Tell us in the comments!




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