Guest Blogger Courtney: Independently Published Books, A Reader’s Perspective

[Usually blog posts are written by Shirley, Berryville’s library services associate, but today we have a special treat–a guest review written by Courtney, one of our local business owners and fellow book bloggers. She wrote an excellent piece on historical Christian fiction for us last year. This time, she’s talking about indie authors.]

The Lady and the Lionheart

Independently published books are just what the descriptor implies: authors’ self-published works. Sometimes authors choose to self-publish because it is simpler (and easier) than the process of obtaining a contract with a major publisher. Other times, authors have released both traditional and self-published books. One example is USA Today bestselling author Susan May Warren. She has a repertoire of books published through large publishing houses, Tyndale and Baker Publishing Group, and multiple novellas and series independently published that tie in with her stories released through Baker.

From a reader’s point of view, I have found the same variety, quality, and impressive stories can be found in indie books as well as traditionally published stories (by both big and small press publishers). The same goes for cover art and design format—I have found quality and I have found a few not as much to my taste. Some of my very favorite books have been published by indie authors or through small presses.

Learning about new independently published books is a little more challenging than traditional ones. Indie books typically do not have as much advertising exposure. My advice? Follow your favorite authors on social media. Utilize Goodreads to find genre recommendations and new authors. Get involved in a Facebook group that discusses your favorite genre. And ask your library about indie books! Interlibrary loan is a wonderful thing.

A few authors I recommend whose works are both indie and traditionally published:

Pepper Basham, Joanne Bischof, Kristen Heitzmann, Ronie Kendig, Rachel McMillan, Sarah Monzon, Jennifer Rodewald, Melissa Tagg, Susan May Warren.*

(Joanne Bischof’s indie-released, Christy award winning novel, The Lady and the Lionheart, was recently added to the shelves at the Berryville Library!)


*Some of these authors have ebooks also available on Libby.

Thanks so much to Courtney for her thought-provoking post on indie authors and indie publishing! 

This year for the first time ever, Books in Bloom–the literary festival sponsored by our library system–is featuring indie authors. If you’re an indie author interested in appearing at Books in Bloom this year, please follow this link to apply. Hope to see you in Eureka Springs at the Crescent Hotel on Sunday, May 19!

books in bloom 2019

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  1. I’m so happy I could be a guest blogger again! I hope readers find some new indie authors to love and support. Happy Tuesday!

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