Everyone Needs A Friend!


I usually write here from my perspective as a staff member at the Berryville Library, but I’m going to switch sides, if you will, for today and write from my perspective as a board member for our Friends of the Berryville Library group.

Our Friends of the Berryville Library was dormant for many years before we reorganized it in May 2017. In approximately 18 months, we’ve achieved a lot that I am proud of.

We have raised over $22,000, added over 80 members, brought much-needed publicity to the library at annual local events, and helped lead the push for a fundraising campaign for a new library. Our fundraising has also helped the library beautify its lobby, maintain its aging facilities, and purchase much-needed seating and program equipment the budget couldn’t otherwise afford. We’re already planning events for next year, and I know that we will only continue to expand and succeed.

Even if you are not a patron of the Berryville Library, I encourage you to become active in your own library’s Friends group. And if they don’t have one, start one! 🙂 Friends groups are a vital partnership for libraries, providing money, volunteers, and advocacy that most libraries badly need but lack the resources to supply on their own.

If you’re a Berryville Library patron, please consider attending our Friends meeting tonight, November 1, at 6 p.m. at the library. We meet the first Thursday of every month, but our November meetings are our annual meetings where we cover what we’ve done over the past year and look forward to the future.

Are you a member of your local Friends group? Would you like to join the Friends? What library improvements would you like the Friends to focus on next? Tell us in the comments!

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"Our library, our future"

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