Heroes voting bracket


Voting for the Great Berryville Read continues this week with a new category!

Welcome to Bracket #2 – Great Berryville Read Heroes Edition. Next week on Tuesday, September 25th, the Great American Read episode about literary heroes will air.

This episode will focus on some of literature’s most memorable protagonists. We’ve assembled a bracket that requires you, gentle reader, to pick your favorites and decide which of these 16 books should advance to the next round of the Great Berryville Read voting.

To vote, you need to complete a bracket and drop it off at the library or at Berryville High School or vote on our Facebook page. You have until this Saturday, September 22, to vote on this bracket.

Scoring of the brackets is explained here.  If you need more of a reminder about any of these books than I include below, we have brief card catalog reviews of the books at the library and on our Great Berryville Read Facebook page for you to use.

Now (drum roll, please), let’s look at this week’s contenders.

It’s a battle between popular blockbusters in our first round of the week. Who do you prefer–James Patterson’s detective Alex Cross** or Dan Brown’s globe-trekking  symbologist Robert Langdon**?

The winner will face off against whomever emerges victorious in The Hunt for Red October* vs Charlotte’s Web**, two very different stories with life and death at stake.

Up next, two young protagonists trapped in dystopian worlds battle it out: The Giver** vs The Hunger Games**.

The winner of that battle will then face off against the winner of Hatchet** vs The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time**. In both of these books, two young men emerge as unlikely heroes.

Next up is a world lit classic and the contemporary classic it inspired: Don Quixote* and A Confederacy of Dunces**.

That adventurous winning hero of the previous round will then be pitted against the hero of a numerically named novel: 1984** or Catch-22**.

In our final batch of match-ups, the protagonists of two historical novels face off. Will you vote for The Grapes of Wrath** and the Great Depression-era story of the Joad family or Okonkwo, the tragic 19th century Igbo hero of Things Fall Apart*?

That winner will then be matched up against the results of The Help** vs Invisible Man*, two very different stories about race relations in America and how their respective protagonists go about confronting these issues.

*Ebook also available on Libby.

**Ebook and audiobook also available on Libby.

What are your picks? Which match-up was the hardest to vote for? Which one was the easiest? Tell us in the comments!


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