The Great American Read is Back!


We’re very excited that the Great American Read is coming back to PBS this month!

Just a quick recap: The Great American Read debuted back in May and introduced its quest to discover America’s favorite novel from a list of 100 books. People have had the summer to read and vote, and on Tuesday, September 11, the Great American Read will be back on PBS. In the weeks that follow, the show will feature episodes that explore themes in the books, including those of identity/personal growth, heroes, villains and monsters, love, and other worlds.

At the Berryville Public Library, we’re also trying to discover our town’s favorite book from that list. To that end, we’re going to be hosting brackets to help us narrow down exactly what is Berryville’s favorite book. Starting on Monday, September 10, we’ll be posting a bracket every Monday that features 16 books from the list that are connected to one of the Great American Read themes. So, on September 10th, we’ll post our “Who am I?”-themed bracket to coincide with the September 18th airing of that episode of the Great American Read. On Wednesdays, we’ll also be posting an additional blog post exploring the theme of the week more in-depth.

To participate in the bracket voting, you’ll either need to stop by the library in person that week, vote at the school, or vote on our special Great Berryville Read Facebook page. You’ll have until Saturday of that week to vote.

We’ll be scoring the brackets with points for every time a book advances to the next round. So, books that advance to the quarter finals will earn 2 points, those that advance to the semi-finals will earn 4 points, those that advance to the finals will earn 8 points, and those that win the bracket will earn 12 points. The book with the most total points from everyone’s brackets will be the winner for the week.

Starting the week of October 15th, the 5 bracket winners and the 3 books that didn’t win a bracket but have the highest point totals will be included in our Great Berryville Read Final Round bracket.

When the Great American Read finale airs on October 23rd and unveils the country’s favorite book, we’ll also reveal Berryville’s favorite!

We’re so looking forward to these brackets and hope you will join us in voting not only for the Great American Read favorite but also for Berryville’s. And don’t let not having read all the books stop you from voting – we have handy-dandy card catalog reviews of (almost) all the titles on the list at the library and on our Great Berryville Read Facebook page.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to watch the Great American Read on your local PBS station on Tuesday, September 18, to learn more about these books and the theme of “Who am I?”

What have you voted for in the Great American Read? How many times have you already voted? Which bracket are you most looking forward to? Have you liked our Great Berryville Read Facebook page yet? Tell us in the comments!



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17 thoughts on “The Great American Read is Back!”

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! Truthfully, I haven’t read as many as I had wanted to, either. (I do intend to get around to some of the others eventually, though.) I’m looking forward to seeing the results! Which books are you rooting for? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great choice! 🙂

        I keep overthinking it. I’m currently splitting my vote four ways: Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lonesome Dove, and Rebecca.

        You know, I was thinking Harry Potter would be the run-away favorite (and it may very well win), so I have been shocked at how comparatively little it comes up in the polling we have done. I think there’s a pretty good chance an older classic will be the winner!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I mean, it’s REALLY hard to just select a single book. Rebecca and To Kill a Mockingbird are also in my Top 10!

        Interesting. I will certainly be interested to see how the results compare to this. Part of the challenge might be barrier to entry — but also, how many younger people are truly participating in this? To be determined! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It is so hard! I can barely pick a favorite color, let alone a favorite book! 😀

        Yes, I’m also curious if our town will be different from the national results. We are working with the schools to make sure we get the youth voting locally. It will be interesting to see if they differ substantially from their elders. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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