Great Berryville Read!


We’ve already talked about the Great American Read on the blog, but we’re also hosting the Great Berryville Read throughout the year! So, while America is choosing its favorite book, we’ll be choosing Berryville’s favorite book. Read more to learn about the special additional programs we’ll be hosting.

We already kicked things off with an advance screener of the first hour of the Great American Read premiere, courtesy of AETN, which we were able to show in our local movie theater, Main Theatre, and with a booth at Books in Bloom.

Throughout the summer, we’re going to be partnering with In Search of the End of the Sidewalk, Michelle Ross’s wonderful book review blog. She’ll be hosting a Facebook live discussion about the 100 books that were selected on our Great Berryville Read Facebook page on Tuesday, June 19, at noon.

We’re also going to be incorporating her delightful card catalog reviews into our own programs this summer. Our goal is to have a card catalog review for every book on the Great American Read list by the end of the summer. We’ll start posting those on our Great Berryville Read Facebook page soon and have them organized and on display at the library for people to see there too.

We want people to spend the summer reading from the list and then start participating in both the national and local votes this fall. We’re going to have weekly bracket battles to decide Berryville’s favorite in September and October. You’ll have to vote in person either at the high school or our library, but I’ll still be posting the brackets to the blog for our non-local readers.

In the meantime, our local high school’s EAST team is going to be working on a documentary about the Great Berryville Read, which includes getting to participate in a special documentary-making workshop hosted by AETN.

On October 23, we’re going to have a special event at the library, where we’ll screen the EAST team’s documentary and reveal Berryville’s favorite book, as determined by the Great Berryville Read. This will all happen right before America’s favorite book is revealed on PBS during the Great American Read finale.

But wait, there’s more! Once the finalist is unveiled, we’ll be hosting a Big Community Read of the book that is selected as our town’s favorite, and we’ll cap things off with a float in this year’s Christmas parade, with decorations based on the winning book.

We’re really excited to offer all of these great programs, courtesy of the Great American Read grant we received from the American Library Association and PBS and our partnerships with AETN, Michelle Ross, and our local schools. Please join us as in participating in both the Great American Read and the Great Berryville Read!

What are your favorite books on the list? Have you started voting (here’s how)? What Great Berryville Read programs are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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