Discussion Thread: Fantasy Worlds

fantasy world

I feel like asking someone what their favorite fantasy world is is a loaded question. Oh I don ‘t doubt that people do have their favorite fictional worlds, but I really don’t think that anyone, when it comes right down to it, would want to live in these worlds.

Most of them involve apocalyptic wars and dystopian governments, so even when I enjoy a fantasy series, it really is not my initial reaction to want to live there.

So, with that preamble out of the way, let’s discuss your favorite fantasy worlds!

  1. What is your favorite fantasy world?
  2. Which fantasy world would you like to live in?


  1. If we’re solely going on worlds I find interesting but would not want to live, my pick would be George R. R. Martin’s Westeros. I enjoy the amount of detail that Martin has put into his worldbuilding–if you so choose, you can read hundreds of pages of history and mythology from the series, and it is actually pretty interesting. I also like the variety of all the different families and the tensions between them, as well as the overarching regional alliances and conflicts. That being said, I would absolutely not want to live here, under any circumstances.
  2. If I had to live in a fantasy world, I’d probably pick Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next version of 1980s England. It’s not exactly the best place to live, but at least you get to interact with fictional characters and the odds of you being viciously and creatively murdered seems less than other fantasy worlds. There is also lots of Battenburg cake. Admittedly, I have never had Battenburg cake, but everyone in the books seems to like it. I also wouldn’t mind living in Tolkien’s The Shire, but my sole reason for that is how much hobbits eat every day. Not sure that is the best basis for choosing a place to live. There’s also the whole War of the Ring thing, which seems less than pleasant.

What’s your favorite fictional world? What fantasy world would you rather live in? What fantasy world would you under no circumstances want to live? Tell us in the comments!


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