Discussion Thread: Author Sightings

Books in Bloom

Books in Bloom is this Sunday, May 21st, from 12-5 pm at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs – join us if you can!

You’ll have the chance to meet authors and listen to them give talks on a wide range of subjects, as well as mingle with fellow book lovers. Best thing about it? It is free!

So, to that end, let’s chat about Books in Bloom and your own experiences with meeting authors.

  1. Have you met any authors at Books in Bloom?
  2. Who are you looking forward to meeting/listening to at this year’s Books in Bloom?
  3. Have you had a chance to meet authors anywhere besides Books in Bloom?
  4. Which authors would you like to see at Books in Bloom in the future?


  1. I got to speak with Brooks Blevins last year at Books in Bloom before I heard him give his talk. I also got to chat with him again when he visited our library later that year. That was really fun because I had enjoyed his book, and he was more than happy to chat both times.
  2. This year, I’m really interested in Stephanie Storey’s talk about da Vinci and Michelangelo and Longmire author Craig Johnson.
  3. When I was in college, I got to attend a writing conference in Tulsa a couple of years in a row. I got to chat with several up-and-coming writers and poets, but I was especially excited to met Ron Hansen and get an autographed book from him. He wrote one of my all-time favorites, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
  4. Two authors I’d love to see at Books in Bloom are going to be the subject of the two remaining blog posts for the month. 🙂

So, are you planning on going to Books in Bloom? Have you met any authors? Have a list of authors you’d like to meet? Tell us in the comments!

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