Sneak Peek for Next Year

A whole new year, a whole new blog? Not exactly but definitely time for a few tweaks.


This year, a lot of our blog posts have focused on our 2016 Library Challenge. But as the year is winding down and the challenge deadline is drawing near, I wanted to spend some time looking ahead to next year.

We have a couple of new blog series we’re planning on introducing that you’ll want to keep an eye out for, and we’re also tweaking our posting schedule. Right now, we post 1-2 articles every week on various days, but next year, we’re planning on making it a more regular 1 post every Tuesday.

We’ll continue to post book reviews and discussion threads, but we’re also excited for two new recurring series — Oddly-Specific Genres and From Page to Screen.

Oddly-Specific Genres is going to be similar to the survey posts we did for a lot of the challenges, where we selected several books related to a theme and then discussed them briefly. But this time around, the theme is going to be genres that the Berryville library staff has identified. We all know about basic genres like mysteries and horror and Westerns, but there also a lot of fun subgenres within those genres, and we’ll be exploring them all year long.

From Page to Screen will focus on books that have been adapted for the screen, either as movies, television shows, or miniseries. In this feature, we’ll be looking at both the book version and the screen version.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing for this blog this year, and I’m really looking forward to next year too. I hope you’ll join us as we cover more books, have more discussions, explore some unique genres, and analyze books and their adaptations.

Are you looking forward to the new feature series? Any suggestions for posts for 2017? What’s your favorite subgenre? Tell us in the comments!


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