Discussion Thread: A Book With A Love Triangle


One of the challenges for this month is a book with a love triangle. I had contemplated doing book recommendations for this one, but most of the books I found to recommend were ones that people were likely to have either already read or at least be familiar with.

Instead, I decided to revive the “Discussion Thread” idea from when we covered Outlander.

To that end:

  1. Do you like reading about love triangles?
  2. What is your favorite literary love triangle?
  3. What is your least favorite literary love triangle?
  1. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really enjoy books that focus on love triangles. I think my main problem is, of the two potential love interests the protagonist has to choose between, I usually am completely mind-boggled that one of them is even in contention, so instead of being drawn into the character’s decision process and their interactions, all I can think is “How is this EVEN a contest?”
  2. We don’t actually have this book in the system, but my pick would be from Therese Raquin. And if you’re familiar with that book, you’ll probably think that’s a really messed-up answer. And, I guess, it is a messed-up answer. But the whole “which one should you pick” is decidedly more complicated in that book, and it’s got murder and insanity thrown in the mix. . . .
  3. This is going to be a weird pick because the book’s premise isn’t what you usually think of when thinking about love triangles, but Gatsby-Daisy-Tom in The Great Gatsby. I hate Daisy so much that I can’t see what either one of these two see in her. In all fairness, I don’t see what she sees in Tom, either, but I guess that just means they deserve each other? Ugh. My blood pressure goes up several points just thinking about Daisy.

What are your answers to the questions? Tell us in the comments! Also, remember to check out our online catalog to learn about any item in our collection.

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