2016 Library Challenge: A Book By Your Favorite Author

If I asked you who your favorite author is, what would your answer be? Quick! Don’t stop and think about this question too hard.

Was it easy for you to come up with an answer or did you struggle to pick just one favorite author?

For me personally, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite author. I wrote a little bit about this issue in relation to favorite books a couple of months ago.

As I mentioned in that post, my interests change so much that even if I was able to pick just one, my choice would probably fluctuate pretty rapidly within a matter of months or even weeks. Not only that, but I like to read in a wide range of genres, so even if I did give you my now-current favorite author, I don’t know if I could give you just one. I’d immediately feel guilty and second-guess whichever one I named and probably spend a lot of time thinking whether I should give you a favorite mystery writer or a favorite classic author or a favorite nonfiction writer or a favorite historical fiction writer.  Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

So, as you can probably imagine from the gist of this post, I still haven’t found which book to use for this challenge because I’m too busy at the moment having an existential crisis about which author to pick. Fortunately, I have until December to pick one because it might take me that long to come up with an answer.

In the mean time, I did at least pick photographs of some of my favorite authors to accompany this post. (And in the process I noticed that it must be some unwritten rule that authors have their pictures taken with their hands on their chin. Either that or they have to be photographed smoking, apparently. . . .) Bonus points with me if you can identify all of the authors!

Who’s your favorite author? Or do you share my inability to pick just one? Tell us all about it in the comments!


Author: berryvillelibrary

"Our library, our future"

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