Ask The Blogger: Harvey (1950)


A few months ago when our blog first debuted, we hosted a “meet the blogger” reception at the library to boost patron awareness and also to provide readers with a forum for suggesting topics/books/movies for me to write about. One of the people I chatted with that day–Stephanie–asked me if I’d ever watched the classic comedy Harvey. When I told her that I knew the basic story line but had never seen it, she requested that I write about it.

Harvey is one of those movies that I’ve always heard about. I knew it starred Jimmy Stewart and that he has an imaginary friend, a giant rabbit. But that was about all I knew about the film. I’m glad Stephanie recommended it to me because it’s hilarious!

I enjoy a lot of classic films, though I also admit that not all of them age well. In fact, I can think of a lot of movies I enjoyed a decade ago that have not aged well, so I was pleased that despite being 66 years old, this movie still holds up really well.

The premise of Harvey is that Elwood P. Dowd (Jimmy Stewart), an easygoing alcoholic, spends his days drinking and hanging out with a giant invisible rabbit he calls Harvey.  His family finds Elwood just embarrassing in general and the giant invisible rabbit friend is just a bridge too far for them. (Don’t you hate when your family does that?) They try to have him committed to an insane asylum, but of course, that doesn’t quite work out as they had expected.

Though the underlying premise of the movie is amusing on its own, what really makes the movie, in my opinion, is the cast. Everyone does a wonderful job with a story that’s entertaining, bizarre, and also heartwarming.

Besides, it has Jimmy Stewart in it. Who doesn’t like Jimmy Stewart?

Thanks again to Stephanie for the recommendation!

If you’re interested in watching Harvey, you can go to our online catalog to check availability and place a hold on it. Also, don’t forget that you can submit suggestions to me on what to blog about next.

Have you ever watched Harvey? What’s your favorite Jimmy Stewart movie? What’s your favorite classic comedy? Tell us in the comments!

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