One of my favorite parts of working in the library has always been the conversations I’ve had with patrons and coworkers about books. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of wonderful book recommendations while I was waiting on patrons or chatting with coworkers.

We at the Berryville Public Library wanted to start our own blog to provide another forum for book discussions, one not limited by time or place. Now we don’t have to limit talking about books to book clubs or times when you’re in the library because this blog lets us bring the conversation to you. To help start this online conversation about books, we’ll be posting weekly reviews, recommendations, and thoughts about books, as well as other items in our collection, like music, movies, and television shows.

In addition, we’ll be partaking in the 2016 Library Book Challenge and chronicling it on the blog. If you haven’t already, stop by the library and pick up your copy of the Book Challenge calendar, so you can participate too.

One reason we really like this particular book challenge is it’s so flexible. Unlike many other yearly book challenges, which require you to read specific titles or have a rigid timeline you must follow, this one provides you with general categories. That way, you can explore titles, authors, and genres you may not normally read, but you can still easily adapt them to your own interests. For instance, challenges include “Read a funny book,” “Read a book set in another country,” “Read a book that became a movie,” and “Read a book by an author with your initials,” among many others. In addition, the categories are not listed in any specific order, so you can work through the different challenges at your own pace and according to whichever sequence you prefer.

Even if you don’t want to participate in the Book Challenge, because the categories are broad enough, you can still enjoy the resulting reading suggestions and book reviews.

Be sure to bookmark this site, so you don’t miss any of our upcoming posts!

Interested in the 2016 Library Book Challenge? Post a comment below, and we’ll save a calendar for you behind the circulation desk.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. If your welcome statement and following science fiction book review for the 1st post in this new blog is indicative of future blog posts, I am so looking forward to the future and receiving updates!
    The last series that an author has published and kept me going back for more is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. If anyone has information about anything further that Gabaldon has published, I would be interested to know.
    Again thank you for the time and effort invested in this blog. I have one question – is the new Head Librarian the person that started and will monitor? So sorry, but if so, I don’t remember your name. Mine is Deb.


    1. Thanks, Deborah! We’re glad you’re enjoying it!

      I’m actually planning on reviewing Outlander in the spring (I want the review to coincide with the premiere of the second season of the show). I’ve had a lot of people recommend it to me, so I’m looking forward to trying it.

      If you’re interested, it looks like Gabaldon has a historical mystery series called Lord John. It’s also set in the 18th century. We have the first one in at Berryville–it’s called Lord John and the Private Matter. Nobody has the second one in our area, but we could ILL it for you. We have the third book in the system, The Scottish Prisoner, though Berryville doesn’t have copies. Eureka Springs and a couple of other libraries do. It includes some Outlander characters, apparently. At Berryville, we also have a compilation of 3 Lord John novels, called Lord John and the Hand of Devils.

      If you’d interested in any of those titles, just call, stop by, or email us at info@berryvillelibrary.org, and we can hold them for you. (I’m working from home today. Otherwise I could do that myself.)

      Our director, Julie, came up with the idea of having blog and approves all content, but the blog is run by one of the part-time employees, Shirley. (That’s me!) I research/write all of the articles, read and respond to comments, and maintain the blog.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!



  2. Hi Deb and glad to meet you online!

    This is Julie and I am the new Director at the Berryville Library. We are super excited about this new blog and aim to work hard to keep the conversations on books buzzing both here in the library and online. Please stop by and say hi next time you are in the library – I would love to meet you in person (or connect your name with a face if we have met before)!


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